The Value of Your Brand is Created by You and Your People

Success in the industry is not tied to a national banner and studies prove it. To succeed in today’s marketplace, independent retailers need the ability to create their own unique brand and connection to their customers and communities. Unlock the value of your brand.

Tap to reveal the reality:
MYTH 1 //
It’s all about the corporate brand.
95% of shoppers do not consider brand when choosing a home improvement centre according to research.
MYTH 2 //
Offering national branded loyalty programs will make you more successful.
These programs will take a big chunk out of your bottom line.
MYTH 3 //
You don’t have to pay for national branded marketing programs.
Mandatory and sometimes extraordinary marketing fees are added onto your costs.
MYTH 4 //
You won’t have to pay for any support.
Many groups add layers of surcharges in addition to distribution and retail support fees that are added onto your costs.
MYTH 5 //
A national affiliated banner is better for business.
Independents become successful because of their own unique brand and not a national banner.
Every independent who has joined the Castle group from a competing banner has 
achieved more success, wealth, and organic growth.