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Castle is all about community. From our 300+ locations across Canada to our corporate responsibility, we value connection and share like-minded goals. Our independent member locations have strong connections to the communities they serve.
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Success Stories

“We wanted to make sure our profits were coming back to us, not staying in a private company or head office. After purchasing another yard and moving our buying over to Castle, we found that the rebates and profits that came back to our company actually tripled after the first year.”
Leigh Wilson
Wood Country Building Services Ltd.
“Castle head office runs very efficiently. As an independent, we have all the information and support we need for us to be successful.”
Lorna Sargent
“In the year I switched to Castle, I was able to grow my business over 20%... I’m ecstatic! I have a lot of competition around me. I am now confident I’m able to compete and give my customer the best products and the best price.”
Nathalie Basque
Suamarez Quincailleire Ltée
New Brunswick
“In 5 years, we’ve grown from 8 to 23 staff members. Castle’s knowledge in the industry is empowering our family business – of 80 years – to grow.”
Keven Robin
Brisson Castle Building Centre
"We’re halfway to our goal… it was a 5-year goal to double our sales. With the help of Castle, we’re growing to where we want to be, since we have the freedom to do what we want.”

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Trevor Ronchin
Pinehill Lumber
“Our sales within the next year or two are going to double. 100% of our profits go into the Power-fund… We have the power of Castle in our back pocket, when we need them…”

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PJ Power
Power’s Building Supply

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